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Our Ministry Team


Brother Byron Lile & Hannah

Minister of Lighthouse Ministries

Brother Don Whitis
Minister of Music, Oak Ridge Baptist Church

Carl Ball
Chairman of the Deacons, Oak Ridge Baptist Church

Debbie Mallory
Lanny Mallory

Desiree Armstrong

Brian Karl
Ava Karl
Emma Karl
Calvin Karl

Breanna Smith
Braydon Smith

Jeanie Salmons

Nancy Grubbs

Minnie Dean


Meredith Podmajersky

Tom Radank

David Vandiver
Amber Vandiver

Amanda Munich
Krisin Niehues
Trisha Frazier

Isaac Robinson
Ben Robinson

Bev Whitis
Missy Whitis

Thom Brown
Lucy Brown

Charles Hungler

Marie Coyle
Ray Iles
Cindy Iles
Eddie Soden

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