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Lighthouse Prayer List

If you would like us to pray for you and be added to our prayer list, please let us know. Please use the prayer request form below. We will add your request for 8 weeks. If more prayer time is needed, please renew your request for an additional 8 weeks. Please join us in praying for these requests!

Danny Bass                              Guidance                3/2/24
Rick Gross                                 Medical                    3/2/24
Breanna Smith's Family          Medical                    3/2/24
John Karl                                   Medical                    3/2/24
Cliff Back                                   Medical                    3/2/24
Kim Mullins                                Medical                    3/2/24
Amanda Reed                         Medical                    3/2/24
Connie Coker                           Medical                    3/2/24

Prayer Requests

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